September 11, 2015

Code of Conduct

Here are Beyond Grappling Clubs rules and code of conduct. Beyond Grappling Club is committed to providing a training environment:

•That is safe for both adults and children

•That is free from harassment and abuse for everyone

•Promotes respectful and positive behaviour and values

We believe that the most important person in the room is your friends and training partners. We believe that putting others before yourself is a fundamental principle of serving the community in a positive way.

During our Judo and BJJ classes we expect every participant to adhere to the follow rules and code of conduct:

Training code of conduct:

  • Treat your training partners, coaches and team mates with respect
  • Play by the rules at all times
  • Drill techniques with control and co-operation
  • Control your temper (bullies and physical outbursts are not tolerated.) If, at any time, you look to have ‘lost control’ we will remove you from the training mat.
  • Participants to be clean, showered and void of all bad body odour
  • Train in clean clothing only, with no holes or tears
  • No jewelry or piercings should be worn during grappling training
  • Rude language will not be tolerated
  • Apply all submissions with extreme care and control
  • It’s not all about winning, it’s about developing effective technique in a fun environment
  • Bring a towel to wipe down any excess sweat
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Do not train when you are sick or feeling sick
  • Do not train if you have a skin fungus of any sort
  • No chewing gum (or bad breath on the mat) If you must clean your teeth prior to training. If you smoke please have a smoke thirty minutes before the start of training.
  • All cuts and abrasions must be covered adequately before commencing training
  • If you bleed on the mat please notify the coach and clean up the blood following our blood cleaning protocol.

Dojo rules:

  • Arrive early to class
  • Fingernails and toenails to be trimmed
  • Wear shoes or sandals to and from the mat area
  • Wash your hands after going to the bathroom
  • No shoes on the Judo mats
  • Practice what the coach is teaching (unless instructed to do any other technique)
  • Do not talk while the coach is teaching
  • Ask the coach if you wish to leave the mat area
  • Come with a willing attitude and a notepad
  • If you sustain an injury please notify the coach as soon as possible and fill in an incident report

Behavior When Visiting Another Club

  • Introduce yourself and ask permission from the instructor to participate in class before changing into your Gi.
  • Be attentive. Never argue or disagree with the way techniques are taught or presented.
  • Follow the rules and regulations of the Dojo you are visiting.
  • Always thank the club members you worked with for sharing and working with you.
  • Thank the instructor[s] for allowing you to participate.

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